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Do you feel lonely when you are alone? The answer is yes, so I’m going to go out and enjoy myweekend. Later Don describes me as follows: Fair hair, delicate make-up, 6 feet tall, a white frilled blouse, a little skirt, which fits in seamlessly with the other guests.

He has many problems. “What type of cosmetics do I use? Which lipsticks, eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara and nail polish do I like? What colors do I use often? What if you want to wear a skirt or no tights in the summer? How is your hair? I reply him one by one, but the last question caused my wife's pain - she liked my body hair as a sign of masculinity." She just reluctantly agreed to shave my leg.

He continued to ask me, “What does it like to kiss crossdresser?” I put my lips to him and he felt shy.There is also a big question: "When do you want to start your clothes?" I told him about the different stages that the wearer usually goes through. Although each trip is unique, we all have some similarities and my own trip is quite typical. Feelings often start in childhood. Later you denied that you wanted to wear clothes and thought you were abnormal. You want the desire to wear when you get married to disappear. Then you find it doesn't. Next is the time to clean and restart until you give up, give it to your wife, and say "yes" to your female self. One day, the desire to go out will become so strong that you will violate all common sense and you risk leaving the wardrobe. Today, I told him that I accept the female side and I feel good. On Stella’s public day, go shopping, sit in a cafe, and visit in a concert hall or opera house is like a day on vacation.

After I have answered Don´s many questions, we take the subway to the city center, as Don wants to see the reaction of the stranger. To his surprise, there is no surprise at all. I want to demonstrate to Don that crossdressers dating is normal in public in most areas quite at ease and without any worries.

I decided to buy delicate underwear in a department store: a pink bra. At the entrance to the locker room there is a big sign: "Only women can enter the locker room." I found a bra and asked the salesperson if I could try it. "Of course, yes," she pointed to the locker room.

In Douglas, I bought an eyebrow pencil. With the help of the salesman, I finally found the right color. She thanked her for the friendly service she answered: "Don't mention it. It's self-evident. "At the cash register, Don bought a bottle of expensive perfume for women.” I hope she didn't give you a man's perfume," I said. Out of the way, "Look at it," Don said.

This is really amazing. Being with Don is like finding a confidant. It is very easy for us to go shopping together. Two men can accept being dressed as two women. Careful makeup and a large part of self-confidence are seen as a woman, just as it is the most natural thing in the world. It's like a holiday. This CD dating is very common in the bustling streets, so when you feel lonely, Queer dating sites can help you.


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