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Change is a law, and no amount of pretending will alter that reality. So when I meet the world of crossdresser dating, I seem to be reborn. How do you explain this thing that compels us to dress in female clothes? How do I explain how relaxed me when I dress? Don't worry; I won't explain it because I don't know how to describe it. What I do know is that I have thrown away so many clothes that I can cure this impulse but I have not succeeded. When I continue to wear women's clothes, I feel more confident and it is easier to get a new queer partner or simply think positively.

There are too many variations of crossdressing to discuss in a simple article. And I’m not looking for the Noble Peace Prize for solving it either. I love to wear women’s clothes,and buying clothes for me is a meaningful thing. I’m a tranny, crossdresser, transvestite, bisexual, or maybe I’m just ‘My Second Me.’ what upsets me now is I have done this on my own for so long. Thankfully, things do move on, and there are CD dating always. Thank God for the internet, now I don’t have to pay a fortune for crossdressing magazines. When I was younger, I spent a small fortune buying fetish magazines dedicated to crossdressing.

My first marriage was not broken because of my clothes. It is not hidden, but it is not shared. "My second self," or, my clothes, live in the luggage compartment in the attic, we didn't discuss it. When the marriage hits the rock, it does appear in the marriage counseling conversation. I explained that when I was dressed, I was able to solve the problem and relax completely. The counselor told my wife that she should try to share. She suggested that we buy satin pajamas for me to wear, but she refused. When the female counselor said: "To tell the truth, I actually told you to have this kind of comfort, which of course did not help. I hope that I have such things to help me relax."

My second wife likes my dressing. We find each other on bisexual dating site, and I love her very much. Which is kinky, it adds spice, she likes to control. She admitted that she was a bisexual when she was young. This seems to help in a weird way. Then we have children and guess what? 'My second I' returned to the trunk until the attic. Everything has changed. She announced that the children need a real father, not the one who wears women's clothes. This is very ironic, because when I was dressed, she really loved me and we shared these lecherous nights together.

So maybe things really do happen for a reason. My partner loves when I dress and it all feels like its just normal. It’s sad that it’s taken so long to finally be free. Ladies, accept your other self. Why not join us and share your inner woman with me? The thing is you’re dead for a very long time. Don’t get to 65 and have regrets. As soon as you accept your other self, you will be so much happier. If you want to find a free dating online, may be you can look the home or top5 queer dating sites. Here you can find matches not only crossdressr.


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