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When I was 15 years old, my mom found an error for me. At past, my mother always dressed me in girls' clothes until I didn't want to change my clothes to a boy.  Like many of you, I have been crossdressing in secrecy, hiding it for more than 15 years. Sometimes, I feel so lonely for dress alone. I want to meet local crossdresser and share my inner women with them, but it is difficult. Over those years, I bought lingerie, high heels, and dresses, but I dare not go out dressed them.

Until I inadvertently found a crossdresser dating site, I simply registered and then began to chat with those people. I am very surprised, this is a very good attempt, I am so happy. A friend sent me a present and she sketched the outline of my face on the gift wrap. Later, she told me that I need to adjust the image to become real me, because for the first time I look like a woman. My heart jumped up, and that's exactly the question I'm thinking about. I knew consciously that she did not know my secret, but she said my face looked feminine. I also met a lot of beautiful crossdressers, their make-up technique was very good, and it was really hard to stay calm. This is a huge trigger that will allow me to make progress.

The idea I wanted to give up wearing clothes was extinguished immediately. After reading a lot of crossdresser blogs on the site, I started to realize that I needed to dress up to support my feminine side, which has always been my least favorite thing in my life. I started trying to meet women in a beautiful way. Until then, I only quietly dressed, a person, very comfortable to wear, but very lonely. I also started learning to make up and wearing wigs for my crossdresser dating.

When exchanged phone number with Vivian, I must admit that I feel my life is beginning again. I have been very nervous about calling her and it took me a long time to really press the dial button, but I did and am so glad about it. We are in an elegant cafe, ensuring that we relax as much as possible. Quiet atmosphere cannot calm my heart, I am very excited. With his understanding of the purpose of my visit, so friendly and respectful, I decided to share my story. They long to see the clothes I bought, so I brought her back home. Some people will feel unfamiliar with me all day long, and for her, I feel like I did when I saw it. I showed her all my clothes. We talked about my favorite make-up and hairstyle, and she showed some pictures of women she considered beautiful. This moment is so exciting and terrible that our bodies are slowly approaching. As my heart beat, we hugged slowly. When I walked out of the room, I was overwhelmed by their praise and goodwill. This is really a kind of relief.
From that time, I often date Vivian and we all enjoyed it. I'm crazy about this CD dating site and I want to date more people.

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