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For the past 15 years, I have been plagued by looking for CD partner, as like the citation of this book and movie. “Humanity can't step into the same river twice.” Whenever I think about forming a new understanding with my partner, I think of these difficult roads to find crossdresser dating. I thought of these words:

“Each one of us here today will at one time in our lives look upon a loved one who is in need and ask the same question: We are willing to help, Lord, but what, if anything, is needed? For it is true, we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don’t know what part of ourselves to give or, more often than not, the part we have to give is not wanted. And so it is those we live with and should know who elude us. But we can still love them – we can love completely without complete understanding.”-From a River Runs Through It.

Do you feel lonely when you are alone? As a crossdresser, I believe these discourses are important not only for crossovers, but also for others important to us, whether they are wives or girlfriends. In trying to understand what my partner feel lonely; I tried to show my thoughts to her in a way that she could understand my identity more fully. However, how can I really understand her lonely and needs for me. Although I hope she can understand that I’m crossdresser, I may say that I do not need anything. Oh, it's bad. Under normal circumstances, there should be a better understanding. However, our love seems to need more patients.

For me, yes, I know what I need from her. For example, I need her acceptance, support and love. I know that this is something that cross-border people want. This is undoubtedly a key factor in my romantic life. But if a CD's wife can't understand how good he is, how can there be love? I believe that by accepting that each of us is a self, independent and lonely spirit, we will never understand or even fully understand the hearts of others. A complete understanding of the other party is not a prerequisite for hobbies. Love is really blind.

There are many people in our lives who we love; parents, children, couples, wives and partners. Do we fully understand them? May not so. But we still like them. Each of them has the trait of encouraging love, and at the same time, some of us do not understand it. If they are good, kind and loving people, we will love them. In this way, our lives have become richer. So, it is same for the special group of CD dating, they need more love rather than fully understand.

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